Online Ladder Safety Training


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Online Ladder Safety Training


Online Ladder Safety Training

This online Ladder Safety training is your go-to course to help reduce the risk of ladder-related injuries and increase your knowledge and skills. It includes how to select, setup, and use a ladder correctly, as well as conduct pre-checks.


It’s ROSPA approved and we will email your personalised certificate on course completion.

Falling from a height is incredibly common and incredibly dangerous, and at least a third of all fall injuries involve ladders. This makes them one of the largest causes of accidents and injuries – both in the workplace and at home; Ladder Safety Training is therefore essential.

You don’t need to be formally qualified to use a ladder, but you do have to be competent. This Ladder Safety Course has been created to help strengthen the necessary skills and knowledge you need to use ladders safely.

There are various types of ladder and you need to make sure that you are picking up the right one for the situation.

As well as the set up of a ladder, you’ll also need to consider how you dismantle and carry them from location to location.

It’s split into four short online video sections, with each one looking at the Ladder Safety Steps – Ladder Selection, Ladder Pre-Check, Ladder Setup and Ladder Use.

There are 4 short videos to watch online and a powerpoint presentation this is followed by a short written test.

This Online Ladder Safety Training can be used in conjunction with our online Working At Heights Training Course.

When completed email our office and we will send you a short multiple choice knowledge test to complete. We then email your personalised PDF certificate to download and print.

Each certificate is valid for 3 years from date of issue.


We have a range of other online courses as well as classroom based courses which can be held at your place of work or one of our training venues.


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