LPG Gas Bottle Safety Awareness


LPG (Butane & Propane) Gas Cylinder Safety TrainingLPG Cylinders

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LPG (Butane & Propane) Gas Cylinder Safety Training

This 4 hour training course delivered at your location through a blend of classroom & practical training, provides learners with an understanding of the hazards and properties of LPG gases used in a range of uses & applications.

Who is the course for:

This course is suitable for all those working with LPG & handling cylinders

Why training:

This training ensures your organisation complies with obligations to train all staff exposed to risk. Attendance gives staff information to understand the specific hazards associated with LPG, resulting in an assured workforce and a safer workplace.

Topics Covered:

  • Operator behaviours
  • Gas properties & hazards
  • Flammable toxic & special gases
  • Cylinder identification & data
  • Gas equipment overview
  • Emergency procedures
  • PPE
  • Cylinder storage & transportation
  • Legislation & Codes of Practice
  • Before-use checks including leak checking
  • Regulator fitting
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