Health & Safety Awareness: Duration 1 Day


Health & Safety Awareness: Duration 1 DAY


Health & Safety Awareness

The Certify Group 1 day Health & Safety Awareness training course is designed to work with your employees to ensure that they have an understanding of why health and safety is important.

Not only to them but also to the company.

This health and safety awareness training course covers the following topics: Legislation, Health, Safety, Welfare, The workplace and workplace equipment, Risk assessment, Manual handling, Hazardous substances, Ergonomics and workstation design, Transport and vehicles, Noise and vibration.

This Health & Safety Awareness 6 hour (1 day) course and can be tailored to suit your business.

As health and safety law is applicable to all business’s then this really is the course for you.

Each attendee will recieve a certificate of Awareness in Health & Safety at Work which is valid for 3 years.

Ongoing CPD is required on an anuual basis and a record of training should be kept for reference.

Courses nationwide.